Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Caesars Palace, Pink Flamingo – what a place!

Biggest stretch of sand in Europe, more arcades than anywhere else in the world and more chips eaten per capita than anywhere in Europe – welcome to Yarmouth – home of the teenage pregnancy.

Even out of season the pier still blasts out Destinys Child mixed up with the theme from Blakes 7.

Just ate the worst fish n chips ever to have been put into a polystyrene container. Ate them sitting in the hale.

Other than that I reckon you could spend all day 24 hrs walking up and down the main parade and not get bored.

My fingers smell of stale fish now…Cadburys Crème egg to take the taste away…

…just found the ‘other half’ of Great Yarmouth – it’s excellent – big harbour, cranes, huge tugs, industry, Elizabethan and Georgian buildings, very historic streets.

What a town of two halves – excellent!


Anonymous said...

Well the excess of saturated fat doesn't seem to be affecting your painting skills - love the curve of the harbour wall.

Glyn said...

Ha ha, glad you are enjoying the work!