Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Art Project

My thirteen year old son (who will remain nameless) say’s to me, “Dad, do you have a website?”
“Of course” I reply, “its Glyn Macey dot com, why?”
“Because for my homework I need to find out about an artist and I’m doing you”, I am told.
“Oh, OK, what do you need to know?” I ask.
“Dunno, just stuff like when you were born and stuff”, nameless son replies sulkily as only thirteen year olds can.
“No worries” I say, “grab a pencil and paper and ask me whatever you need to know”
“Nah” nameless son replies, “I’ll just copy it all off Google”
“Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask me?” I question.
“Nah, cos I need to print off some of your pictures and stuff,” drawls son.
“Well instead of finding pictures and printing them, I have loads of exhibition catalogues and books with my paintings that you can take to school” I offer.
By this time I can tell that my thirteen year old son who will remain nameless is getting bored (after all our conversation must have been at least forty five seconds long, yawn), he tells me, “Nah, its easier if I just Google it all”.
Is it me?

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Tinder said...

Way to rain on your parade! My oldest is only 6 so still full of wonder with it all. Give him a few years and hopefully he'll turn it around. What's his fav thing to do?