Friday, 26 March 2010


You’re first view of the Flamborough Cliffs is simply breathtaking – it helps that they are almost pure white and the sun is glaring off them.

Then look back towards Scarborough and you suddenly realise just how BIG they are – enormous.

Sea birds chattering, sea foaming, gorgeous turquoise water – no wonder so many folks choose these cliffs as their jump of choice.

The cliff top pathway is dotted with poignant small bunches of flowers.

North Landing is home to half a dozen brightly painted small fishing boats which helps to make the cove picture perfect.

Simply a stunning spot.

Note to self: Remember to put the van in reverse when parking at the cliff edge!


Anonymous said...

This seems quite different to your other work, a real sense of texture and power. I like it!

Glyn said...

Many thanks, it is painted with a palette knife to give a little more movement to the sea.
Glad you are enjoying the work!