Monday, 29 March 2010

HORNSEA & the erosion of England

Hornsea is a weird little, run down town, and like many seaside resorts of yesteryear its facilities have been allowed to deteriorate.

Home of the famed Hornsea pottery makers of fantastic sixties ceramics the town does at least have the Hornsea pottery museum, however how long that will last who knows; as despite Hornseas many coastal defences such as sea walls, groynes and beach nourishment the cliff-based shoreline is eroding at one of the fastest-known rates in Europe.

The erosion is at its worst at either end of the main teak promenade.

The cliffs between Hornsea and Spurn Head are being eaten away as a child eats chocolate cake – at an alarming rate. 12ft a year of the rich chestnut mud slides into the North sea.

So dramatically that the local council have built a ‘viewing area’, though how long that will be there for who knows?

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